On the 11th day, we were accident FREE!


In fact, we went to the mall and she peed in the public toilet twice! We actually put her in pull up/pants diaper. But when it was ‘time’, I took her to the toilet. And it was an adult toilet seat that she went onto! This also means that she is okay with an adult toilet seat and without having us to bring along the potty around! She was also happily waving goodbye and flushing her pee!

Thorough out the day, we managed to time her wee wee moments well and she did it almost instantly!

Well done baby!

*We could go accident free also because she didn’t do big business.

*Her diapers were dry two nights consecutively. And in the morning when she told me that she wanted to brush teeth while I was hoping to sleep longer, I took no chance but get up to put her on potty.

*She still needs instant motivation to go on potty.

She was given some fresh juice on her first successful trip to the public toilet!

Celine Tan's photo.

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