On the 10th day


There was slight ‘regression’ on day 10 but overall still doing okay!

I think it is also mainly contributed by her not taking as much liquid as usual. She woke up with a dry diaper, and immediately could pee in the potty. Then throughout the day, she took longer than usual to pee (once after swimming, before lunch and before nap).

She did her big job on her panty. And she looked rather stunt and without noise (I was in the kitchen; I walked out to check on her as she was unusual quiet). I quickly brought her to toilet and pulled down her panty. Then, I threw her poop into the toilet bowl in front of her. She was going to weep, but I waved goodbye to her poop (never imagine myself talking to poop) and asked her to follow. And she did, which actually changed her emotion at that point of time.

She made a pee accident right in front of her potty after waking up. I was in the midst of getting her on the potty. I put her in front of the potty, where she usually will remove her own panty and assumed she will do so; and then ran to the fridge to grab her grape smoothie. When I returned, she already peed on the floor. Yes, I was disappointed but couldn’t be angry of her. I just cleaned her up and put her on new panty plus reminded her to tell me if she wants to pee. Out of disappointment, I actually ignored her pleas to watch her nursery rhymes while I finished up cleaning the house.

Her next pee on the potty was ‘fast’, which was before taking bath and after her papa returned home. I actually ‘warned’ hubby that she might take longer than yesterday, but she took us by surprise.

We went out at night and put her on diaper. In the mall, when I went to toilet, I did asked her to pee but she told me ‘no shh shh’. Upon returning home, she immediately took off her diaper (after being reminded to do so) and she peed on the potty. Her diaper was totally dry.

So that ends for today.

* I can’t expect her to progress smoothly without accidents day by day. She has been on diaper for 30m+ (or her entire life) and for this change, she would need more time to adjust.

* I would expect few more poop accidents and ‘talking’ to the poop before she feel fine to poop on the potty.


Lunch and dinner today: Mustard leaves rice with old cucumber and carrot chicken soup

Recipe for rice: https://17chipmunks.wordpress.com/2015/03/24/dinner-chinese-mustard-leaves-rice/

Need to do house cleaning today!

Celine Tan's photo.

Celine Tan's photo.

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