On the 9th day

Celine Tan's photo.

On Day 9, 12 pees on the potty + one pee accident from the point she woke up till going to bed

It all took less than a minute except the one before she took her morning bath (which was approximately 5-10 minutes). We went out and I put her on diaper, but it was still dry when we returned. And her immediate routine after returning was to remove her diaper and pee on the potty.

The pee accident happened at night when she was overloaded with banana popsicle and mango + papaya + banana smoothie. It was less than an hour gap before her last pee.

*Reminder still plays an important role.

*At times, she pees on the potty because she ‘follow mama’.

*She chooses where to place her potty.

*She loves recognition from us like ‘well done’ and ‘clever girl’ with a clap.

*We have no ‘material goals’ (stickers/pressie) for her to achieve in order to pee on potty. But given her good behaviour, we probably get her Kinder Joy (which we have stopped getting her for more than 2 weeks despite her pleas in the supermarket).

*I usually need ways to get her on potty when she just woke up; for example, this morning I told her she will get banana yogurt popsicle as part of breakfast and she had mango smoothie right after nap.

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