On the 8th day


On Day 8, it sums up to 7 peeing in the potty, one accident pooping and one accident peeing.

It took me by surprise that the first pee in the morning happened less than 5 minutes (compared to the day before, it took an hour).

The second pee happened after we went swimming. She volunteered to be on the potty while having a bun and reading her book. After I waited for about 10 minutes, I told her that I will be taking a bath and asked her to finish her pee. When I came out from the bathroom, she told me ‘finished’ and quickly grabbed her wet tissue herself.

Then, the poop accident happened when we were at the balcony doing laundry and I came to realise that she is really afraid of her poop. She cried when I showed her the poop (which I purposely throw into the potty from her panty) and cried even louder when I brought her to throw it into the toilet bowl. She was still crying when I cleaned her up.

Thinking that I give her a little more time to relax, it then came her pee accident, 30 minutes after pooping. I sent her to nap earlier, hoping she won’t wet the bed.

She woke up slight cranky and I know her next pee would be coming. So, I bribed her with banana popsicle to make her go on potty. She held the popsicle and peed (third pee on potty) in less than 5 minutes.

Her fourth pee came before we went to play bubbles (which I promised her), after we completed our home activities. In fact, she peed faster than me.

After dinner, I asked her to go on potty (which she nows automatically carried to the living room). Her fifth pee came in less than 5 minutes, but after instructing me to go pee as well (where she moved back her potty near to the toilet, nearer to me).

Her sixth pee came after completing her night activity (which is colouring activity) before her 30 minutes ipad time. It took us by surprise that it came less than a minute.

And her seventh and last pee on the potty happened before brushing her teeth and changing to pyjamas (putting her on night diaper), which again happened in less than 1 minute.

*Today she didn’t really need the glass of water to accompany her to pee.

*It took a lot more faster for her to pee on potty.

*She still needs constant reminder that she needs to pee (or else accident will happen).

*The time gap of each pee seems to be 1.5-2 hours.

*I could observe all these as we were at home the whole day (I didn’t put her on diaper when we went to playground as she already peed before going there).

I am confident now that we are in the right direction; but of course I need to settle her fear of her own poop, for now!

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