On the 7th day, 4 times peeing on potty and wet the bed during nap


The first peeing on the potty was a long process – took about an hour and after drinking a glass of water; most probably because she peed on diaper before waking up.

The second peeing on the potty took 30 minutes (after lunch, after returning from grocery shopping – where she did pee in her diaper during shopping. When she returned she did take off her diaper herself and sat on the potty. But since her diaper was heavy and it was lunch time, I decided to abandoned the potty); I waited for like 20 minutes with her and she was still seated down on the potty. Then I told her I am going to the kitchen to cook dinner and asked her to tell me when she is done. In between the 10 minutes, I did run back to check on her – she was still seated and said ‘not yet’. I went back to kitchen and soon she came to me, saying ‘finished’ (meaning ‘done’).

She peed during naptime. She did cry out but I was too tired that I didn’t bother her but asked her to come to me (so I am not too particular sure she cried before or after peeing). I was only aware of it after waking up from nap with her. The underpad on her bed was wet; thankfully it did not wet the mattress and bed sheet.

The third pee on the potty was after papa returned and we asked her to pee – we told her we are getting ready to go to McDonald’s playland. She actually took her potty out to the living room and asked me pull down her panty. I gave her a glass of water and she peed in less than 15 minutes. (funny thing was she thought we were going to play bubbles at the park; and she did felt cheated when we said no bubble, instead the “ice cream playground”, series of negotiations). We put her on diaper before going out.

The fourth pee on the potty was after returning from playland. It easily becomes a routine now that after returning home, she brings the potty out, removes her diaper and sit on it. Her diaper was dry. So, I did expect her to pee but I was totally caught by surprise how fast it came. She told me she wanted coconut water. In the midst of preparing, she said “finished”. We praised her for doing so well tonight and she get to play ipad for 30 minutes before going to bed. She is still on diaper during bedtime at night.

*She doesn’t poo everyday and has no particular time preference. She can be jumping in a minute and pooing in another minute. So, we are not sure WHEN it will come.

Self reminder: Potty training is not a victory for us; but her development milestone.

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