little 17chipmunks going on potty during daytime at home @ 30m28d


We have been putting this little girl diaperless during day time at home since last Wednesday (yes, finally we think she is ready and actually much delayed – supposedly by 2.5yo as planned earlier in the year but I wasn’t feeling too well). It is also a decision since we will be spending more time at home now especially during weekdays.

She does know what is pee (shh shh) and poo (o c). We wanted to let her ‘feel’ what it is to go diaperless.

We have constantly reminded her to tell us when she needs to pee or poo (to the extent each time I put her on panty she says ‘no diaper. Tell mama when shh shh’). Yes, she tells us each time but it is AFTER she peed/pooped. =.=’ Therefore, we have been mopping pee and picking poo for more than 5 days now WITHOUT anger but patience – instead constantly reminding her to tell us BEFORE she pees or poos (this is definitely not easy). We also constantly asked her if she needs to go to the toilet, which she always say ‘no’ (plus refuse to go on potty) but next minute wets the floor (so far she has chosen right places to pee/poo – which is on the floor). She is also diaperless during her nap time (so far accident free, though I do put on the underpad on her bed).

We had five days without results. But today, the 6th day, she decided to go on the potty after I ‘bribe’ her that we would go down to play bubbles if she does pee in the potty. We waited for like 10 minutes and eventually she peed (after I fed her water in between). After that, I brought her along to flush her pee and wash the potty (which actually motivated her as she likes playing water). As a result, today she peed 3 out of 4 times in the potty (the 2nd time was motivated by her papa giving her ipad to play with and the 3rd was sort of self motivated – as she remembered that we need to ‘pour and flush’ her pee). Key is to feed her some water in the midst of asking her to pee.

It is really a sense of achievement today though not totally accident free. Hope this sets us in the right direction!


*We don’t think the sticker method works for her since she is given/loaded with stickers on a daily basis to keep her busy.

*I know it is NOT the best time to put her on potty when she’s expecting a new sibling (big event in her life) but guess we just have to go as planned for her earlier in the year.

*I read quite some articles on this – no one best method, but decided to follow my maternal instincts. I believe she can do it now!

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