Stew chicken in vegetables stock and oats, to be served with pasta


– Stir fry onions in oil until fragrant.
– Put in chickens and brown it. Add some liquid amino & pepper.
– Transfer into vegetables stock (Yam bean, tomatoes, fennel, potato).
– Add in enoki mushrooms and let it stew for 15 minutes.
– Add Grinded oats and let it stew for another 10 minutes or until chicken cooked

Celine Tan's photo.
Celine Tan's photo.
A message to DHM members I made:

Hi All,

I don’t want to sound snobbish or bossy here! But, can you please take the time to Google some key words before asking us what some things are? For example, ‘liquid amino’ – yes, it is simply too easy to comment and ask what it is, but it is more simple to open an explorer and type the key word on the search box. I am not saying about recipes, as I willingly share recipes when I am free to do so – as now DHM is my gateway to access my own Blog.

While I might be seen as so ‘free’ posting on DHM, this is my way of getting connected with the world as a stay at home mum. I have 101 things to care for – my priority is my daughter, hubby and home! I don’t have time to answer some questions – which I think can be found everywhere. I am/was also a ‘newbie’ in cooking – and work my way up – I learn from people’s sharing and information on the Internet. So, if I can do it, I don’t think anyone else cannot – as I am just like any average person.

PLUS, please don’t pm me how I ‘trained’ my girl to eat so well. I was just gifted with a none fussy girl, and I can’t help you in making your little one eat. I deal with many daily frustration too with her – though I don’t post her. And, things don’t just happen in one day, it takes a lot of perseverance. In addition, like any one I am a first time mum who knows nothing and no one guide me. So, similarly, if an average person like me can do, so do many of you.

Thanks and sorry for the rant.

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