When you have kids, it’s no longer all about you.


I have been reading some articles on handling more than one kid; and realised that a bulk of them talk about how ‘flexible’ parents get to their subsequent children.

It is such a sad case from my point of view. While I am not in the position yet to say anything about it, I am seriously making a ‘pledge’ that I will do the same standards in terms of raising subsequent kid(s) be it breastfeeding, feeding healthy food, playtime, homeschooling and etc. Well, some may think I am putting stress on myself – and some greenish eyes might wait to see my ‘failure’ to do so; but the fact is – parents should be ‘fair’ on their treatments and provide the same standards (though no two kids are the same). It is through our consistent and fair treatment to them that will help us gain their respect (and not fear).

A reminder to myself on not living out of our own convenience or lead the kind of lifestyle that may not be good for their upbringing but let them have the life they deserve. They may not be young and dependent forever. Be there to guide them, give them the best of health as much as possible and let them lead a more meaningful life especially when they are still kids.

Don’t wait till the day when there’s no turning point…

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