Breastfeeding 30m6d


I know my boobies almost, if not all, dried up. But she does latch for comfort – 2 crucial times – before sleeping and after waking up. I don’t deny her as she obediently releases when I say ‘enough’. Plus, I know the journey could be ending soon for her; so I am appreciating the everyday short moments with her before she ultimately ends it. And I always remind her that ‘nen nen’ has to be shared one day.

I even asked her at times if there’s milk. She would then cheerfully open her mouth and show me it’s empty, in a silly way. Her face just melts me.

Today I told her I want to take some pictures of her latching, and asked her to ‘cover up’. Hence, her mouth is covered by her tiny fingers in these pictures.

Both of us are so attached, yet slowly letting go.

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