Lunch box for 30m5d: Leek rice with steamed minced pork and soft tofu


Leek rice is leftover from yesterday’s

Steamed minced pork and soft tofu:
Minced tofu marinated with grape juice
Shredded carrot
Some cornflour
Soft tofu

Steamed for 15 minutes

Today Quinnie Tan & her son came over for a short playdate and dinner!
I cooked carrot mee hoon kueh in apple cucumber soup for dinner. For the adults, we topped up with yesterday’s honey roast pork (which my hubby did not eat) while for the kids, they had it with hard boiled egg.

For the apple cucumber soup – apple cucumber (which is a vegetable by its own), napa cabbage, tomato, chicken carcass and chicken breast – boiled for 2 hours.

For dessert, both of them had banana yogurt popsicle! Quinnie had ‘chocolate cake’ for dessert. tongue emoticon

Thanks for coming over!

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