Meals for 30m3d

Vegetables sauce fish with fragrant rice for 30m3d
Vegetables sauce – olive oil, garlic, baby corn, cherry tomatoes, leftover soup, corn flour water

My lunch – Garlic and ginger fish with dry mee hoon kueh

Both fish was coated with cornflour and turmeric before pan frying…

Celine Tan's photo.
Dinner tonight:
1. Green curry chicken (instant paste from Krabi, Thailand) – oil, onion, chicken breast marinated in turmeric powder and pinch of seasalt, baby corns, brinjals, long beans, fresh chillis, farmers union Greek style natural yogurt, water

2. Steam minced pork with egg – minced pork marinated in grape juice and pepper, water chestnut, sweet corn, spring onion, eggs, water – steam 15-20 minutes, oops didn’t mix the egg and water nicely, thus can see yolk and white

Girl’s dinner!

Celine Tan's photo.
Celine Tan's photo.
Clean bowl!

Celine Tan's photo.

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