Lunch box for 29m26d: Stir fry ramen with fish and celery topped with cheese omelette


Ingredients for ramen:
Wholemeal ramen
Olive oil
Pan fried fish
Leftover soup

Ingredients for cheese omelette: egg and coon tasty cheese

I did not cooked yesterday since I went to my mum’s house for lunch and then tah pau for dinner. I just made Begedil for my parents. Moreover, my girl was a little under weather (body was warmish) and so she didn’t have much appetite but just ate a little of the main meals. Good thing is she ate quite a lot of fruits and drank coconut water plus barley drink.

Today’s hubby last off day – so, we going out a little while and thus packed her lunch.

Me ok….

Celine Tan's photo.
Celine Tan's photo.

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