Is udon good or bad?


Udon miso soup for both my hubby and 29.5mo girl while I had steamed prawns with long beans and sweet & sour sauce again served with plain rice

Udon miso soup:
Chicken soup stock
Yellow zucchini
Dried unsalted seaweed
Miso paste

Celine Tan's photo.
Celine Tan's photo.

Recently someone shared an article on noodles and quickly jumped into conclusion that udon is ‘bad’ as mentioned in the article or stressed by the person who shared the article. But if one really read into the article, they have overgeneralise the ‘bad’ issue. It is ‘bad’ in terms of nutrients in it (as in not much nutrient in udon) BUT udon is actually good for carbo. I find it pretty annoyed with how some quickly jumped into conclusion that udon is ‘bad’ without giving a general picture and making it sound like we are eating ‘poison’. Sadly, this also caused a false alarm to some who don’t read into the article.

Anyway, if there’s not much nutrient, you can actually cook soup or gravy that it nutritious to accompany the carbo in udon.

Kids and big man need carbo, and it is not necessarily bad!


Simple steam cheese rice with cauliflower and yellow zucchini for my 29.5mo

Celine Tan's photo.

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