little 17chipmunks is undergoing natural weaning process?


At 28m+, she started to sleep through the night (sttn). She did wake up occasionally but either wants me to hug her to sleep or her papa to massage her feet (by putting her feet onto his face :P). One night she did asked for water to drink. She did latch like usual during the day, but less frequent. Her latches become shorter as well. She does latches to nap and before sleep (but she fell asleep at night most of the time after papa massages her feet – so, a change in this routine now and no more excuses for papa to not being around her during sleeping time).

Today, for the history of her 29m9d life, she did not latch for more than 12 hours – her last latch was the time she woke up around 8am until now signing off to bed. She napped in the car seat (when she was passing me her toy) and nap through after her papa carried her into the room. When she woke up from nap, she didn’t cry nor ask for ‘nen nen’ but asked for bread.

Similar to the sttn experience, this is a bitter sweet experience. She has really grown up! I do noticed her growing independence though still clingy (lol! What a contradicting statement). And I am glad that we took this path of natural weaning instead of forcing her to wean off aka using the ‘cry it out’ method or applying whatsoever onto my nipples (though it is a long process). I trusted that the day will come (just like how she was weaned off her pacifier at 22m).

With her sttn, I could see a better appetite in the morning aka breakfast. She is also taking more fluid. And, we don’t plan to supplement her with any other milk at the moment since she gets a balanced and healthy diet most of the days. In fact, she’s not really keen in drinking fresh milk too.

She is such a big, big girl now!

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