Less messy eater little 17chipmunks @ 29m8d

Celine Tan's photo.

If you have known my girl, she was one of the messiest eater in hfmb last year. In fact, I got many judging feedback those days. But I dealt with it (as in I just follow my own belief) as I believe childhood and eating should be filled with fun and learning experience. I never really believe in buying ‘special’ utensils for her and did not use any punishment to enforce her to eat ‘cleanly’, but merely reminding her that there are utensils for her to use and showed her what is messy and not. (note that by allowing little ones to mess around is also a form of learning – the different senses and texture). It never worry me how she wasn’t developing into a less messy eater in her earlier days as she was developing in other ways. I guess my perseverance did pay off – she eventually learn what is ‘messy’ and now try to eat as mess free as possible.

In the video – on the left, taken today at 29m8d she was trying to eat as mess free as possible and eagerly trying not to hold her udon; while on the right, those were the days where she enjoyed using her fingers to eat at 23m22d. <video>

Having said that, I do face other obstacles now such as getting her focus in her meals as her mind is full of imaginary thinking despite being in a disruption free environment.  I will take this up as another phase!

Gambateh mamas!

Dinner for 29m8d: Udon in miso soup with napa cabbage and carrot


Girl’s lunch today – cheesy vegetables pasta again with different vegetables today
Olive oil
Chopped garlic
Shredded pumpkin
Shredded green zucchini
Shredded carrot
Leftover soup
Emborg natural cheese, chopped
Animal pasta

Celine Tan's photo.

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