Our LAST ELC playtime session @ 28m29d


She was just over 18 months on her first ELC playtime session. And I could remembered how a gruelling session it was for myself on the first day. I felt like leaving! But after going through the many sessions, I started to understand toddlers, i.e. my girl and parenting more. I started to get more interested in learning how to develop and grow with my girl.

Both of us learn and love ELC playtime sessions so much. My girl has came to like ‘Aunty Fi’ a lot that she treats her like her ‘idol’. Her hugs for Aunty Fi were never ending (sometimes Aunty Fi asked me to stop her). I could easily ready her when I tell her we are going to see Aunty Fi. In fact, this morning I told her there was a present that we will pass to Aunty Fi. While she was playing with her favourite toy during the beginning of the session, once she saw Aunty Fi, she actually remembered, went over to our bag, took the present and passed the present to Aunty Fi (though I did not ask her to do it now, as intention was to give it at the end).
So, today is the last playtime session (it was management decision to stop the playtime session due to its poor business). The session went up close to 2 hours. It ended with group photos and hugs.


Thanks ELC for all the great time we have in the past 10 months. We will surely come back for some toys, at least for her favourite toy – egg!



Char kuay teow and mee for dinner

Girl had stir fry ramen

Celine Tan's photo.
Celine Tan's photo.
Not able to finish today…

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Cos ate yogurt….

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Preloving my work wears


I decided to clear my working wardrobe given that I won’t be back to work for at least 3 years (?) from now. 

Semi heavy hearted as these were the 10 pieces of fairly new work wear, as I bought it before I returned to work (after maternity leaves), wore it like for 10 months or less.

I have the option of donating them away but thought of pre loving it in a bundle (at least can earn one month or less petrol cost). So, I gave it a chance to pre loved it and if nobody wants, I can just donate it then.

Happy that I found a buyer within hours – A semi retired lady who needed work attires. My initial request was for her to self pick as I was letting go at a very cheap price of RM50 for 10 pieces (I even put in free hangers). But she is staying in Johor and told me that she does not mine paying postage for it plus going without the hangers. I was initially reluctant to do a domestic normal postage and would rather do it via Pos Laju (as I had a sad case that caused frustration in the past) – but she told me RM60 for trust is worth it! She also taught me how to wrap it up. I threw in two additional work shirts but told her there were stains on the collars, but she said that she can soak it.

So we went to the post office this morning. Surprisingly, under normal domestic post, there’s also consignment note. Well, I feel more relief with the consignment note (at least we can track the item) and it only cost RM7. It was a pleasant deal again!

Hopefully the attires fit her!

Cheese scones


Our (as in my girl & I) little project together!

225g self raising flour
Pinch of seasalt
50g unsalted butter
25g molasses sugar
120ml pura low fat milk
50g shredded coon extra tasty cheese

Mix, knead and mold. Bake under 200 degree celcius for 12-15 minutes.

The hard working baker.. Lol!

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Before baking

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Hot from oven

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Having her own product… 

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Celine Tan's photo.

Steam vegetables and sesame chicken rice


Ingredients: Cooked mixed grains rice, yellow zucchini, fennel and chicken drummet marinated in sesame oil, black pepper and honey

Steam: 10 to 15 minutes

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Celine Tan's photo.

*I actually marinated half a chicken to roast for dinner tonight. Marinate followed Vanessa Lau ‘s roast chicken yesterday, just that I didn’t put salt.

Steamed cheese and vegetables rice


Ingredients used: Cooked Calrose rice, yellow zucchini, button mushroom, fennel and coon extra tasty cheese

Steamed for 5 minutes and left in the steamer until it cools down.

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Celine Tan's photo.
Simple dinner:
1. Made shark fin MELON chicken soup (I used half chicken, one small shark fin MELON, two carrots, some red dates and some wolfberries) – girl and I will have this soup with noodles for dinner, adding some pok choy

2. Cooked an additional – soy mirin sauce pork for hubby (pork, mirin sauce, black pepper, soy sauce, garlic, rice bran oil) – he will take this pork and soup with pok choy plus rice

Udon in shark fin melon soup for girl

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Celine Tan's photo.
Sapu all including pok choy, shark fin melon and carrot

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Meals for 28m26d


Packed lunch for 28m26d: Vegetables baked cheese rice

Ingredients: Cooked Calrose rice, button mushroom, fennel, yellow zucchini and Coon Extra tasty cheese

Baked under 200 degree celcius for 20 minutes (I used wax paper to bake)

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Simple udon in miso soup for 28m26d dinner
Ingredients: Instant fresh udon, button mushroom, yellow zucchini, leftover soup, miso paste

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Celine Tan's photo.

We bought fried mihun from pasar malam for ourselves.

Meals for 28m25d


Stir fry ramen for 28m25d lunch

Ingredients: olive oil, garlic, button mushroom, fennel, yellow zucchini, carrot, leftover soup, instant fresh ramen

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Celine Tan's photo.
Easy to prep, healthy and smell-free kitchen; most importantly, hassle free self feeding!

Easy dinner for the little one: Sushi

Ingredients: Fennel, cucumber, yellow zucchini and carrot (steamed for 3 minutes), Calrose rice, toasted white sesame seeds, sushi seasoning, unsalted seaweed

Her first try on ramen…

For reference…

Bought at Hero supermarket

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Hassle free lunch

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Celine Tan's photo.
Today my girl’s snack is just watermelon and papaya.
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1. Pan fried boobies chicken served with lettuce

Marinated in lemon juice, mirin sauce and black pepper (pan fried in rice bran oil)

2. Pasta in homemade sauce

Sauce: olive oil, onion, button mushrooms, celery, tomato, yellow zucchini, carrot, leftover soup

Topping: Emborg Emmanueal natural cheese
Girl’s in animal pasta…

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Celine Tan's photo.

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Constant “fight” for rights as parents


I am not sure about others, but I do find myself constantly “fighting” for my rights as parents. From breastfeeding to feeding my girl healthily, now “schooling” – just like formula feeding, I am NOT against schooling BUT not at this moment. My girl is just slightly below 29 months now and there have been constant questioning on when we are sending her to school. As for now, hubby and I agreed that we will not be sending her as such early stage, not at least until her year 5.

Yes, I could have more “me” time if I send her off to school or I could be back to the workforce by sending her to full time day care. But, this is not our objective. At this age, let’s ponder of the reasons “we” want to send her to school. Like mentioned by a friend, what do you want her to learn at this age? It is not about dancing, singing and recognizing numbers/alphabets. It is about life skills (like self feeding, doing some basic house chores and etc – which my little girl is already practicing)! We teach them what they would not learn in school now and in later stage in life. Plus, each kid has different learning needs – for example, my girl likes puzzle, but does the playschool teaches that? In fact, if you have a stay at home mum who is dedicated to doing all these, will you need to send them off to school at a tender age? Yes, I am not as qualified as a “real” teacher, but I do educate myself and get updated on what’s going on – in order to adapt to my girl’s needs.

Socialising and independence have been always the argument too. At this tender age, not all toddlers are acceptance to separation from their carer/parents – and I believe that they shouldn’t have to if they can’t go with this separation. They still need time to be independent. I wouldn’t send off my girl if she isn’t ready for it – just like when I wasn’t ready to get to school and cry through my years into primary school years. Personally, I hate this feeling of separation anxiety – and it usually happens if toddlers are sent off TOO early. About socialization, it has been discussed before. <here>

– – – – –

“Kids have different strengths and talents. What you as a parent need to do is focus on your own child’s interests, boost their confidence and show them the way. Concentrate on what makes them happy and let them know how special they are.”

Source: http://www.examiner.com/article/every-child-is-different-why-you-should-not-compare

I don’t really bother what you do to/for your kids (or your other grandchild), so don’t bother me too. And she is my daughter, not yours!

Yau char-pap


Funny and ugly shaped tongue emoticon I made dough for Yau char kwai ( https://17chipmunks.wordpress.com/2015/05/08/homemade-yau-char-kwai/) for yesterday’s mixed beans tong sui but didn’t make the Yau char kwai at the end. I placed the dough in fridge. And today I thought of trying to put curry potatoes into it. Lol! It turns up fluffy dough after frying it, not crispy kind of karipap.

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For the curry potatoes,
I steamed the cubed potatoes before cooking with:
Rice bran oil
Curry leaves
Curry powder
Turmeric powder
Garam masala
Sea salt
Some water

Before frying

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Fluffy pap

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Little girl eating her second piece!

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Simple two dishes for dinner:

1. Stir fry chicken breast with sweet peas, bok choy and tomato

2. Arrow root, carrot and red radish chicken soup