13th ELC playtime in 2015 @ 28.5mo


Another’ one of the last playtime sessions at ELC – will try to get a spot if possible before it ends.

11205587_10205342688799542_3414886306286678833_nThe only toy she wants to play during the beginning session of ELC playtime; and fought for it til cry..

The 28.5mo was superbly active during the first session – running, jumping, lying and hugging around the session – until it was time to do some artwork. Then we have toys, story time and bubble time, whereby she was more ‘focused’.

After the playtime session, I actually allowed her to roam at McDonald’s play land until she started to lose control by running out of the play area. Bringing her out of the play land was horrendous that I have to cancel my plan to re-visit the supermarket.

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