12th ELC playtime session in 2015 @ 28m8d


Sad to say, this could probably be the last (few) playtime session that we are going to attend. Yes, they will be removing the free playtime session from June 2015 onwards until further notice.

Today’s playtime session – the girl was not too focused during the session. She was running within the play area and mama had to drag her so that she doesn’t disturb others. Mama has to repeatedly ask her to ‘wait’ (this is normal as most other kids are impatient too). She also refused to colour her work today until Aunty Fi had to step in to show her how to colour. She followed but not too long. Nevertheless, she did enjoy the introduction of toys session – where she got few changes to experience the different toys presented today.

So, where next when there’s no longer playtime session? Hmmm….


This morning I told her we are going to see Aunty Fi today.

Next, she said ‘share toy’! (what I always tell her)

– – – –

After the last incident where I dragged the girl out – screaming & wailing – from the kfc playground (after ELC, and she lost her voice) and two weeks skipping playtime sessions, today she has finally learn the ‘rule’ (as in today, and hopefully remembered forever) – not to climb on the slide!

So, we were in McDonald’s playground and she obediently climbs the stairs instead of the slide (though she has several other stunts on the slide, as long as she goes downward). There were two brothers who climbed up the slide and she just watched them. I could see her urge to follow. She looked at me and I carefully reminded her ‘that was wrong’ and asked her to use the stairs. She obliged without me screaming or pulling her out.

Small matter, but I am proud of her!

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