28 mo, the mark?

Second night consecutively, she has been sleeping through the night (sttn) without waking up to be nursed.

1st night from 12am to 7sth
2nd night from 1am up till now (close to 8am)

*read that sleep through the night generally means 5 hours

Mixed feelings! She has been waking up 2-5 times per night since birth (even after starting solid and bear in mind she is one that eats quite well). In fact, I am so used to it now.

Always read ‘complains’ from mummies especially bf mummies that their lo can’t sleep through the night and some even asked for ways to ‘make’ them do so (so that they themselves can sleep through). I have been reading and never tried their ‘cruel’ suggestions as I believe THE day will come by. And I had the feeling, THE day has come… Guess all it requires is ‘patience’ for the little ones to adjust. They won’t go through their entire life waking and nursing.

**err… This might not yet be sign of weaning as she still nurses like usual during the day. Sorry, I got to defend her by saying she is NOT addicted to my boobies, but it takes time (again, TIME) for her to adjust, just like she did for her pacifier ‘addiction’ .

But I will happily nurse her if she decides to wake up again, since I am still ‘asleep’ when I do so…

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