Topical steroid withdrawal journey 02.05.2015


Happy to say (and hopefully it is), we are at the tail end of our topical steroid withdrawal journey.

The most stubborn part is where it started with – her toes and feet. Happy to feel smooth toes again! Other parts are okay – except for the different shades of skin colour.

Healing is only possible if she stops scratching and in two weeks, we were able to contain her from scratching using calamine lotion and then moisture it with Ezerra cream or Ezerra lotion. We have to constantly remind her not to scratch (not sure if it has become a habit) and one thing being getting her busy in playing.

I sprained my foot and soaked in ice water; which she followed by soaking too (so I am not sure if that helps too).

Happy to find swimming does not affect her – one thing for sure we need to do, apply sunscreen before going into the pool and immediately apply Ezerra lotion after coming up.

Besides changing her socks to 100% cotton, we also changed her shoes to canvas kind. No more rubber shoes for her – no matter how cute the shoes are to her!

We are currently abstaining her on eggs, seafood (even stopped fish for a moment) and some fruits like kiwi, until it is more appropriate time to re-introduce again.

Healing is possible without using steroid and not having to visit a skin specialist or paed who is likely to prescribed steroid. What we need is strength to face it plus a hard/stubborn heart when we are repeatedly given inexperienced and non-educated piece of advice – how we were being pulled down again and again by vivid looks and comments given. Also, there were a lot of trial and errors to find the right ‘formula’ as every individual has different skin – what is ok for one person, does not necessarily mean it is okay for another person. For example, oat bath and application of virgin coconut oil are good for many but it is a no-no to this little girl.

Thanks to those that have supported our journey. I seriously hope the next time I post a picture is a smooth-like baby feet.

Message from Gina Yong:


Is it really very important not to give a single drop of Formula Milk? Research shows that even a little FM will destroy the naturally occurring good gut bacteria and causes lots of health problems. Almost 100% of your baby’s good health begins at the intestine.

Babies who are ‘fully breastfed’, and have digestive problems, eczema, regurgitation etc….. did they perhaps receive ‘just a little FM’ when they were in the hospital?

Just a little FM is not harmful…. really?

I totally agree with this. The 2-3 days in her entire lifetime (the first few days in hospital) she was fed formula milk, and that it could be the root of her eczema problem.

One thought on “Topical steroid withdrawal journey 02.05.2015

  1. Sorry I beg to differ with this. Both my kids were only fed with formula because of my inability to breastfeed due to a medical condition. They have perfect skin. Eczema can happen to anyone, whether formula fed or not. I know plenty of FULLY breastfed babies who have eczema. So this is not true and a formula feeding mum who has a child with eczema who reads this post may feel that it is their fault. You too should not feel guilty that yr daughter had formula milk in hospital. Gina Yong is a reputable Lactation consultant but seriously, some of the words that comes out of her mouth does more damage than good to mothers and we should think carefully before sharing her opinions.

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