Swimming Helps Eczema Kids

From “Eczema Kidz Club”:

Going for a swim in a swimming pool is good for your eczema as the chlorine will kill the bacteria on your skin. However, chlorine may irritate your skin. So, after swimming, it is important to take a shower to remove all the chlorine. Remember to moisturise your skin too!
The rules are
1.not under hot sun
2. Rinse off the chlorinated water immediately after swimming , pat dry and apply moisturizer liberally
3. Try to limit the frequency to 2 -3 times perweek and the duration to 15 -20minutes

Happy to find that little 17chipmunks is okay with swimming after some trial & error.


Back with all smiles! 🙂

Celine Tan's photo.
Swimming a lap… @ 28m1d <Video>

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