A big NO to climbing up the slide


She runs, dances, climbs, bumps and does ‘anything-seems-dangerous’. I get quite a lot of stares from onlookers how ‘flexi’ am I to let her explore without fearing she hurts herself. Well, not that we didn’t warn her, she just can’t stop doing what we ask her not to do – that I gave up on stopping her, instead ‘encourage’ her bravery at times (and I now get annoyed for onlookers being so cautious about her movements that make me feel I am neglectful).

However, there’s one thing I seriously couldn’t tolerate, which she picked up from mimicking others in playground/playland – climbing the opposite way of the slide. I will simply stop her, warn her and drag her off if she insists (like what happened today after ELC playtime when she played at KFC playland). I can’t tolerate THIS as it is not only dangerous for herself but others – plus obstructing the flow. Sad to say, not many parents/guardians (that I meet) will stop them – it certainly annoys me alot but not sure how long more could I give up asking her not to do this. I think I shall persist at the moment….

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