Stew radish pork



Main ingredient –
Pork marinated in sesame oil and black pepper

Ingredients 1:
Rice Bran oil
Star anise
White pepper seeds

Ingredients 2:
Chinese cabbage
Button mushrooms

Stir fry ingredients 1 until fragrant. Add in radish and tomatoes. Stir for a while and then add in pork. Pour water enough to cover. Stew for 15 minutes then add in cabbage and mushroom. Stew for another 15-20 minutes.

Lately I am into stewing pork – which is easier and healthier too. The meat is also softer in which my 27m11d could chew & swallow them. I stew the pork before cutting into smaller pieces.


My very failed steamed radish cake!

As I stew radish pork and I had a very big radish, I cut half away and then shredded it. I Google on some blogs and decided to modify it. I think it has too much water or I used the wrong rice flour (the only rice flour I had was glutinous rice flour).

Ingredients 1:
300g shredded radish
200ml water

Ingredients 2:
150g Glutinous rice flour
350ml water

Cook ingredients 1 for 5 minutes. Then stir in ingredients 2 (that has been mixed) under fire until they are mixed well. Pour into a pan and steam for 1 hour.

It was too soft when I cut it. I can’t fry firm radish cake. So I simply hentam cook with onions and spring onions – turned out not bad, that my girl also ate it. I don’t think I will waste this but cook this the same way for my brekkie tomorrow since it is edible.

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