Why is little 17chipmunks still given homecooked food during outings/holidays?


I personally feel very touched if my mum cooks for me (even sometimes I find it ‘annoying’ that she goes to the extent of stocking home cooked food in my fridge for us). In DHM, I feel the love especially from between Rachaelz Kwacz and her mama – where mama bakes and now cook for her. It is the same thing – I want my girl to feel the same kind of love in this form of providing her home cooked even if it is the simplest.

I know she is not a baby anymore – 27 months old, to be exact. She hasn’t even reach the mark of 3 years old where I could flex the rules more – in fact, I have been flexing some rules for her too – a slow adjustment to her and not a drastic one. I know the fact that this (providing home cooked during outings/holidays) can’t go on forever – but it has to be a transition plan.

While we eat out, she still does take home cooked that I packed. She doesn’t request from the table – except sometimes white rice, or if she sees sushi or bread, and of course, ice water. She knows which is her food and our food. We don’t bother to alter this routine yet, especially she has issues with her skin now. I even asked hubby if I need to pack food for our girl yesterday night (I was actually hesitating at first if my food goes into waste) since there would be sushi bar at our buffet – and he said ‘yes’. At the end, our girl still finish the food i prepared. Further more, when she is out there, she is more distracted with the surrounding and not really into her meals.

I know I have been repeating this many times. But, why do some people still see me as stopping our girl from enjoying meals outside (which she never asked for)? Why am I always seen as the villain who wants my girl to ‘suffer’?

While I packed her food, I never delay our “appointments” – I made effort to wake earlier or rush to pack – which never actually caused anyone to wait. The ‘trouble’ is not onto anyone but me/myself. I also ‘wish’ I don’t have to step into the kitchen for a day or two. So, why do they have so much to say?

Maybe most of the people around us are either foodies or in food business – they see meals outside greater than home cooked. Probably they never really evaluated the true health values of the food but just ‘tasty/very tasty’. Do they ever bother how some food contents do bad to young children? (I know DHM is not just about healthy food for kids, but any home cooked is definitely better than outside food). Or maybe, they like the ‘togetherness’ of everyone having the same meal – but as mentioned, our girl is still very much in her own world.

As always, many would say – just ignore/ one ear in and one ear out. But it is really annoying when someone is trying to stop a mama’s love for her daughter to provide home cooked. Motherhood is already tough; don’t add challenges to mummies’ life.

If you don’t/didn’t provide home cooked for your kids during weekends or outings, it is fine – but please don’t pester other mummies who do, to do as you do.

3 thoughts on “Why is little 17chipmunks still given homecooked food during outings/holidays?

  1. Just MHO, after observing several children who are fed homecooked food for an extended period of time, past 18 months, they seem to become quite uninterested in outside food, and often uninterested in food in general, and the homecooked food goes uneaten when outside. For me, I feel that food is very much one of the joys of living, and although outside food is less healthy, we enjoy occasionally outside and eat simply at home to counterbalance. By the time it came to my third child, I thankfully never ever had to bring food out for her past 1 year because she loved rice (which she started eating at 10 months), asI already am busy with 3 kids πŸ™‚

    But of course if your girl still enjoys her homecooked food, that’s great too πŸ™‚

    • Sorry i meant “fed homecooked food for an extended period of time when they are outside, eg past 18-24 months”, in case you think I’m against homecooked food totally! I make it a point to remove MSG and avoid processed food from all the products we have at home to counterbalance all the additives we might consume ourside πŸ™‚

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