Simple meals on a sick day


Parenthood is a steep learning curve. I just found out today that handling her vomit and loose stool can be contagious. Yes, I got it since wee hours – vomiting, lethargic. Yes, I am unwell. I am losing appetite and vomited twice too.

The whole of today I just got to play dough with her and nursed her. I told her that I need to sleep, asked her to play herself and look for me if she needs anything. She answered ‘k’ and independently played herself. But, she came and look for me like every 10 minutes to nurse – and happily went off.
Fortunately hubby took work home and he kept an eye on her while I napped and lied on the bed the whole afternoon. I basically puke any food intake. Hope it will end soon.

Celine Tan's photo.

Quick hands – managed to make banana cream cheese pancake for her breakfast.

Celine Tan's photo.

For lunch, I made a quick stir fried minced pork (marinated in orange juice, cornflour and pepper) and spinach. I just served it with rice (both me and my girl, hubby had lunch before returning).

Celine Tan's photo.

For dinner, I have earlier marinated one chicken breast and thigh with lemon grass, honey and yogurt. I just left it in oven to roast for an hour under 150 degree celcius. Hubby and girl are having this with rice and spinach boiled in leftover beetroot soup. Hubby has packed porridge for my dinner.

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