little 17chipmunks @ 25m28d


It’s been a while since I updated about our girl. If I remember correctly, the last update was before we went to Bali, which is in December last year. We have been “busy” since then. I find that the updates have been a good reference point for me. Hmmm… Maybe I should keep up this habit but not as frequent as previously.

Like many have said, her learning curve is at a faster pace since turning two, especially in terms of words that she can pronounce.

So, today at 25m28d:
1. She is a strong willed toddler (as before too) – in terms of wanting to do most things by herself even though she may not be capable yet.
2. Her mealtimes are becoming challenging for us – as in she is interested to self feed herself (showing more interest in using utensils and fuss when her fingers are dirtied) at the beginning and then runs away – and wants us to spoon feed her while keeping food in her mouth.
3. She is totally a Frozen and Minion freak. She can’t go by one day without both.
4. She is becoming more chatty, though I may not totally understand what she says. (She’s only chatty after warming up)
5. She can be very independent – playing by herself and walking by herself when we are out.
6. She can also be very clingy – pulling my trousers and crying like the world has collapsed when she needs me.
7. She either loves or hates her papa to the ‘max’.
8. She has a little more focus than before – she can actually sit during her playgroup.
9. She can be a very friendly toddler after knowing people well enough or warmed up. She melts people’s heart by her hugs and kisses.
10. She can be irritated even by the sight of other toddlers for no apparent reason.
11. Her favourite word is ‘nowan’.
12. She is also trying to form phrases/sentences. For example, she wants me instead of her papa to brush teeth with her – she will say ‘mama brush teeth’.

She is really growing too fast that sometimes it is difficult for me to accept it.

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