Discovering the absorbency of the sponge


After going through some toddlers activities ideas, I thought of trying the “sponge and water play”. Since we were grocery shopping today, we got a set of 4 sponges for less than RM2. I cut off one of them into different sizes while one remain as it was. I allowed her to transfer water from one tupperware to another – experimenting how the sponges absorb water. She did few spills and asked for more water, as I mopped the floor. Hmmm…guess I need to teach her how to use the sponge to wipe of the water on the spills.

The play lasted about 20-30 minutes. She stopped playing when I walked away to tidy up the living hall.

The video of her focusing on the play <here>


Today I am “lazy”, so just cooked one dish. Stir fry pork with long beans and cauliflower.

Pork – marinated with fresh tomatoes, pepper and cornflour; stir fry with onion oil (without marinate) and set aside.

Then stir fry garlic in oil, add in long beans and cauliflower. Add in the tomato marinate plus some soup. Until almost cooked, add in the pork.

To be served with leftover beetroot soup and mixed grains rice.

Me time lunch – eat before the wailing

Leek mee hoon kueh in beet root soup served with chilli padi & garlic dipped in soy sauce plus coffee float

Companion – medela freestyle

My girl’s lunch was the same mee hoon kueh without onions and ikan bilis

Celine Tan's photo.
100% watermelon sorbet to soothe the cranky toddler who woke up from late nap
*use ice cream scoop to scope, then freeze
Celine Tan's photo.

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