5th ELC playtime in 2015


The day didn’t start as well as it could have. My girl pooed loose stool twice and vomited twice. After her first loose stool and vomiting (she vomited last night’s rice which wasn’t digested for more than 8 hours), I gave her mee suah soup and apple barley drink. She then vomited the mee suah and immediately let her directly latch. I let her rest herself and she pooed again. After I bath her, I gave her some dry cereals (Alpha bits) and pieces of honeydew. We have playtime today and she insisted to go when I asked if she wanted to stay at home. She was her usual self during the playtime session. (I still believe never treat one person sick for the person to overcome an illness, if any.)She was more than her usual self – less running around (which means less chasing around) and quietly seated (I am not going to complain about this!). The theme for today is medical. Medical toys were introduced and she actually got the chance to wear the nurse custome but didn’t want to.

We ended our day out by visiting the departmental stall, supermarket and her usual playland at McDonald’s. She had her usual Yoplait mixed berries yogurt (some may say it is not good for the body during diarrhea, but well, it contains good bacteria which is good for the body). No more vomiting thereafter, but loose stool twice again later in the day. She is still her usual active and happy self.

Celine Tan's photo.

After her playtime session, she wanted her usual Yoplait mixed berries yogurt – and so I gave with close monitoring (dairy should be avoided but yogurt has good bacteria). Fortunately, no more puking. We went home and she nursed to sleep. Thereafter, I quickly cooked dinner. She woke up and ate a bit of mixed grains rice with soup and fish. She drank quite alot of apple barley drink. She took half a Mandarin orange while I prepared vegetables cutlet, which she later took one piece.

She did pooed loose stool once again. But overall, she is still her usual happy and active self. Hope the episode of ‘stomach flu’ ends.

Today’s dinner:
1. Pan fried threadfin with garlic and ginger
2. Stir fry Chinese cabbage, bok choy and button mushrooms.
3. Beetroot soup
4. Vegetable cutlets (potato, carrot, onion, spring onions, black pepper)

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