little 17chipmunks turns two today!


I baked a cake for my darling a day ago before her birthday! It is butter cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting.


The method is similar as <here> , just excluding the cocoa powder. Frosting – melted cooking chocolate, cream cheese, butter and icing sugar – just use hand mixer.

She’s more interested with the biscuits than the cake! Lol

Celine Tan's photo.


Commemorating my girl’s birthday, I cooked egg noodles Cantonese style for brekkie – hers with an added egg.

Actually wanted make a yellow egg and draw minion eyes on the eggshells, but failed yellow too difficult! Lol!


I cooked salmon fried rice for my 2 year old girl today during our outing (recipe as in: Since it is her birthday, we went to Chillis where kids eat for free when we order our main meals. We ordered for her chicken grilled sandwich that comes with fries & lemonade but she only took the top buns and ice water beside eating the rice prepared for her. She was just too busy feeding us with her fries. Courtesy of Chillis, we had a birthday Brownie – but it turned out to be vanilla ice cream with some cake. So, my girl had her first ever try on Vanilla ice cream – a few spoons (lol! I’m not sure if she’s going to ask for it again next time).

We brought her to the playland where she played for an hour and then we did quick shopping. I bought a new non stick pan – Lock & Lock brand (just too confused which to choose and I am looking for one within my budget, and it was on 50% discount – so be it). So, she had her honeydew and blueberries in between.

We were late – so drop by at pasar malam to buy our dinner. For our girl, I just whipped up a macaroni yogurt and cheese. I just boiled some leftover radish soup, added one piece of leftover stew arrowhead chicken, two tbsp Farmers Union Greek Style Natural Yogurt and a piece of Coon Extra tasty cheese as the sauce. She had it all!

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