The 23mo this week:


1. She is learning pronunciation at a faster pace this week – as she loves mimicking.
2. She has not been sitting still during mealtimes.
3. She is happily cleansing her mouth after/before bedtime this week.
4. She kicks alot during diaper change.
5. She is better in recognising objects – as seen when we played stimulating toys.
6. Her terrible two signs are increasing – e.g lying flat on floor…etc.
7. She wants to do a lot of things by herself like unfolding the socks and removing her diaper – though not totally capable. She will get frustrated if we try to help her. So, we just encouraged her.
8. She loves smooching us unexpectedly and does so if I am angry of her.
9. She can play by herself and talk to herself for some time while I finish the chore. She uses alot of her imagination.
10. She is afraid of big mascots.
11. She gets alot of satisfaction from feeding us.
12. She is better in the car seat this week. *cross fingers*


My happy and active fully breastfeed girl turns 23 months today! It’s somehow emotional for me, not that I am going to wean her, but, this will be the final month before she reaches the big 2! Still couldn’t believe how time flies!

Sharing with you and article here, where its conclusion speaks my mind:

There are no prizes to be won for breastfeeding the longest — all mothers and babies are different. Ideally the nursing relationship continues until the child outgrows the need.

Full article:

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