0.75l Zojirushi thermos sponsored by Kids and Baby Malaysia


All set!

Not that I am travelling today, but testing out.

So, I have my pre loved Inayou cooker, sponsored by Kids and Baby Malaysia 0.75l Zojirushi thermos and homemade chicken stock to cook on the go.

Recipe for dried chicken stock: https://17chipmunks.wordpress.com/2014/11/28/dried-chicken-stock/

Other ingredients in the rice cooker: 1 cup white grain rice, one tomato, finely diced sweet potato, finely diced leek and one cup water

I already have a 0.5l Zojirushi thermos given as gift too. With this 0.75l thermos, I could fit in more food (as for now, I don’t need that much food for my girl, but suited more as she grows or when we need to go for a day to night trip). The thing I like about it is – it comes with a long spoon and a bag; definitely convenient for travelling.
You can get this product or others related ones by going to their Facebook – search for “Kids & Baby Malaysia”.

Disclaimer: I am not selling or promoting but just wanted set it clear in this post before I get queries about it (while I go out now and have a fun time with my family).

Convenience is a qualitative description, depends on individuality.

Size of thermos depends on how much you plan to bring out for your little one.

Anyway, my girl is happily self feeding herself with this new set!

Celine Tan's photo.
it is length wise different only, the opening of both the thermos still the same. For my girl, I think she enjoys looking into the deeper hole and digging her rice out.

By the way, the pink one seems to be 0.35l (with Japanese word), not sure though.

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