Steam chicken with egg tofu and vegetables


Lunch for 22m30d: Steam chicken with egg tofu and vegetables, spinach soup and bergedil (potato cutlet)

What a tiring day! None stop from the moment I woke up and we went to the wet market. After cleaning up stuff and prepared the cooking stuff for both lunch & partially dinner, we took a shower. Next she requested to be nursed. So we lied on the bed – and she nursed close to an hour. =.= I was thinking of me time (as her eyes were closed) but she was wide awake then & requested lunch (it was already 1sth – and myself dying of hunger).

Fortunately I have steamed the chicken and a potato while boiling soup for tonight before we took bath. I quickly whipped out the bergedil (actually made it for myself. Lol). We drank yesterday’s radish & beetroot soup, which I added spinach on.

Steam chicken:
One chicken thigh with drumstick
Squeeze half orange juice
Finely diced celery
Finely diced green zucchini
Finely diced shiitake mushroom
Egg tofu

Steam for 20 minutes


Radish and beetroot soup Recipe:

She ate mostly served except bergedil, which went into hungry mummy’s tummy. I added few more pieces of egg tofu for her too. 50% self fed.

Our lunch

Celine Tan's photo.
She had banana while on our way back and papaya sorbet while I was cleaning stuff

Celine Tan's photo.
One day short of 23 month old! I baked a cake to test the sugar paper. It is just plain butter cake with cream cheese frosting and plain biscuits. So, this is her brekkie today!

Ingredients used can be found here:

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