Pork chop with vegetable sauce


I chu-bah

Actually I don’t know what to cook today and I am lazy (plus many interruptions in between… LOL).

So, I just marinated 8 pieces lean pork with quarter papaya (blended), dash of pepper, egg and 4 tbsp cornflour. I marinated it while it defrosted for 4 hours. I hammered (not sure if this is the right word) it before covering it yet again with cornflour before shallow pan fry it with rice bran oil.



For sauce, I just steamed half white radish for 5 minutes and then blend it. I blend one fresh tomato and mixed with it.

In the remaining oil, I stir fry some leek (chopped), added the blended radish and tomato. I added in some water and add some shredded Coon Extra tasty cheese. Let it boil and done.

Vege will be spinach that will be boiled in yesterday’s leftover mixed beans soup.

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