My little 22m2d this week:


1. She has been napping (and sleeping) earlier than usual.
2. She is learning more words – which include wait, cheese, duck, ant, apple, orange, no etc.
3. She doesn’t just cry at night when she wants to nurse but say out “nen”.
4. Her tantrums now include stomping her feet.
5. She has better appetite, more spoon feeding her and requires longer mealtime.
6. She will say that her feet is pain and need to be massaged when she wants our attention.
7. Occasionally, she enjoys removing her pants & diaper.
8. She will ask for her tooth brush when showering but ain’t brushing.
9. She knows which toy doesn’t belong to her and will return it when she’s done. – in the pool, when abang borrowed her a tennis ball, she returned it when I asked her to do so.
10. She remembers routine very well.

Overall, she has been an obedient girl this week especially when papa has not returned from work or going out with mummy (not fussing around on the car seat).

Last year, I handed my resignation letter on 1 Nov (which will be tomorrow). I have no regrets from doing so – as I could witness every milestone – good/bad/frustrating. I remember my ex-boss told me not to be such a perfectionist (on motherhood) when asking me to rethink my decision – but, I am still is.. LOL!

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