Plain boiled chicken, beans soup and fragrant rice


Prepared dinner early as my girl decides to sleep after returning from wet market and nursing.

Since I bought a fresh chicken, I don’t intend to marinate it. Just used half of it to boil it. 10 minutes under high heat and 30 minutes under low heat (my mum’s method). Then removed and rub with sesame oil (you can also rub with rice wine if you like, but I am skipping this).

Its side is garlic and ginger oil – just blended half bulb garlic with 5 cm ginger, then stir fry in olive oil until fragrant.

Note/grandma story: I don’t intend to cut it now – but I will be using kitchen scissors to cut them into parts when dinner time arrives (girl’s going to take chicken wing and me the thigh, the rest for hubby – no need pack lunch for hubby since he’s going lunch with colleagues tomorrow)


Fragrant rice – mixed grains rice boiled in rice cooker after stir frying it with blended garlic, celery and leek


In the soup which the chicken was boiled in, I added the various beans (soya beans, black beans, black eyed beans and barley – soaked overnight) and also fresh pearl beans plus some chicken feet. Will be boiling it for 2 hours or so.


I will just boil the mustard leaves over hot water before dinner

Celine Tan's photo.
This is how the soup looks like:

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