Dinner tonight: Roast cheesy tomato chicken


I used 1 whole chicken thigh (for myself, lol) 1 chicken breast – cut into half (hubby’s half dinner, half lunch) and 1 chicken wing (for my chicken wing lover).

Marinate the chicken pieces with 2 fresh orange juice for 4 hours (I took it down from freezer and squeeze orange juice on it, left it to defroze while we went out). When I returned, I scooped 3 spoonfuls of Farmers Union Greek Style Natural Yogurt – rubbed on the chicken pieces. Under preheated oven of 230 degree celcius, bake for 30 minutes.

In the meanwhile, I blended 4 tomatoes and 1/4 papaya plus squeeze one lemon juice. Set aside.

Then, sliced one stalk of leek.

In a pan, heat up some rice bran oil. Stir in leek until fragrant. Pour in the tomatoes and papaya mixture. Let it come to a boil. Shred some Coon Extra tasty cheese (as per your liking). Come to a boil and off fire.

After roasting for 30 minutes, pour the sauce onto the chicken pieces. Then bake again for 20 minutes under 150 degree celcius.



Vegetable is cabbage, pak choy, dried shrimp and garlic.


Hubby’s packed lunch


Someone didn’t have enough of her chicken wing, took mummy’s drumstick…

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