Bear shaped cream cheese chiffon cakes & banana pancakes


Brekkie for the 20m30d and the two of us: Bear shaped cream cheese chiffon cakes & banana pancakes

Bear shaped cream cheese chiffon cakes:
1 egg
1 tsp molasses sugar
1 tbsp cream cheese, melted
20g cake flour
20g bread flour

Method as:

Banana pancakes:
1 egg
150g cake flour
1 banana
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 low fat Pura Fresh milk

Mix and dry pan fry

Breakfast for less than RM5 (price inclusive of coffee. LOL!)

Time needed: 30 minutes


My girl holding the chiffon cake while I feeding her the pancake

How to pan fry it?

From my friend’s tips:

Hey I notice you’re having trouble with your pancakes. Perhaps I could help? The key is to use medium heat on your non-stick pan. And I normally use a ladle to pour the batter in the pan. The 1st pancake usually won’t turn out nice so you might wanna pour a little first to try (from the 2nd pancake onwards, they will turn out nice). If you notice, there’re a lot of bubbles, and the edges are starting to set while the centre is still slightly wet. This is the time to flip.



Our outing today – for my 20m30d

I am bringing two separate thermos today – one for the short grain rice and another for the stir fry minced pork. Others are edamame, honeydew, champagne grapes, brekkie leftover banana pancake and cream cheese chiffon cakes, raisins and heinz teething biscuit.

Stir fry minced pork – olive oil, onions, minced pork marinated in orange juice, carrot, celery and white button mushrooms

I am giving short grain rice as she seems to be bored with mixed grains rice that she has been taking since 13mo.

Edamame – (omitted salt)

The girl was having raisins before we left.

Dinner for 20m30d: Udon in very flavourful radish soup

I had remaining soup from previous day, I added some water, 2 tomatoes, 1 carrot, 1 stalk celery and one packet of fresh shiitake mushroom – boiled it for another 30 minutes.

Then stir fry pork (marinated in orange juice) with onions. Add mustard leaves (sawi) and udon.

We have some leftover edamame from today’s outing, she had it during dinner too. She was busy with the edamame while I fed her the Udon. Well done to her for sitting down the whole meal tonight – until she had enough (completed most udon).

She requested for banana after dinner as her dessert (she had half of it).

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