Bear shaped dragon fruit chiffon cake for my 20m24d


I am actually cracking head for brekkie ideas due to the increasing fussiness of my girl. I missed those days when she just like fruit yogurt topped with cheerios so easily (hmm…. Try that tomorrow morning).

Since I woke up early (thanks to hubby’s double ringing alarm clock) and my girl decided to sleep more + yesterday we bought a new bear shaped muffin tray, I tried dragon fruit chiffon cake.

I reduced the initial ingredients and added 1 tbsp dragon fruit.

Ingredients and steps:
1. Beat egg white with one tsp caster sugar until stiff.
2. Add in egg yolk and mix it.
3. Add in one tbsp fresh and mashed dragon fruit. Mix well.
4. Fold in 20g bread flour.
5. Grease the tray (I used grape seed oil). Lay the batter onto tray (or cups).
6. Under 180 degree celcius, bake for 15 minutes.

It gives me 6 pieces of bear shaped dragon fruit chiffon cake and one cupcake. It doesn’t really have dragon fruit taste but gives some natural colouring to the cakes.

My girl had only one piece of the chiffon cake and requested for watermelon. I think I will not obliged her to eat “more” – as long as she is happy and active (I want to reduce her frustration too). Moreover, myself too doesn’t really have much appetite for breakfast, so why should I force her to eat more.


After our mini snow play at home, she wanted banana as her mid morning snack!


What I meant by not forcing her to eat – I left the remainder chiffon cakes on the table; I was cooking and she happily climbed up to eat them!


Our lunch today:

1. Lotus root and pearl beans soup (recipe:

I got the pearl beans at a very high price. It was RM3 per 100g (with skins removed) – not sure if I was overcharged as the previous round I got it at RM1.50 per 100g.

2. Stir fry mustard leaves (sawi) with Enoki mushrooms

3. Steam prawns (recipe: – I marinated with kiwi since I had an overripe kiwi)

My 20m24d ate half of what is served (rice) while only took one big prawn.

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