Happy 20th month old baby!


One word to describe her this week: Terror!

This week:
1. She has gone extremely “wild” at home – climbing every part of the house.
2. She is throwing tantrums for very minor things such as I ran faster than her.
3. She has a new territory at the dining table; just next to her papa’s sit where he works on his laptop while on mc.
4. She climbs and sits on mummy’s table where the desktop is to watch her videos.
5. She is testing our limits and wants us to read her mind, demanding this and that, simply walking into the kitchen and pointing to the fridge. We gave her options which she choose but ended up “not the one she wanted”.
6. Throwing pillows is her hobby now!
7. She gets away from the car seat in papa’s car by wailing and saying “nen nen”.
8. She is not really concentrating during her meal times.
9. She can imitate some sound like “boom boom”.
10. She knows that she needs to pick up one set of toys before she could play with another set.

But she has been sweet too!
11.. She has been saying out “hai” and “bai” to kids she meets in the park; “hai” to us when we return home and “bai” to papa before she goes to sleep.
12. She kisses us deeply and unexpectedly even when she needs nothing!

Losing patience is my limitation this week when I have to juggle with so many things & emotions. Hope I will be a better mum now onwards – still in the learning process!

The joke of the week this week – when I posted about “terror two” – my hubby initially thought it was the two terrors at home, who are our girl and him! LOL!

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