Tuna rice pancake and Apple + old cucumber soup


Thanks to mummy Wen Ogier N Loh for sharing this idea! Unfortunately, my girl doesn’t “want” it. Personally, I like it! But I think I will try again with other ingredients! I definitely think this is an easy and handy meal to prepare especially for outings and snack.

Tuna rice pancake ingredients:
Two scoops of mixed grains rice (I used the rice spatula)
1 can tuna in spring water
1 tbsp spinach puree
2 eggs
1/2 onions, chopped

Mix everything and pan fried it with your preference oil (I used rice bran oil).

I made apple + old cucumber soup, which she prefers over the rice pancakes. I gave her some plain mixed grains rice too.

Apple + old cucumber soup:
2 gala apples, quartered
Old cucumber, sliced
1 1/2 chicken carcass
1 chicken breast
Handful of wolf berries
Handful of red dates
Water as needed

Boiled for 2 – 3 hours.

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