I am a first time mum too!

I have been sharing a lot on my meal preparations, breastfeeding experience and my little 17chipmunks lately. The reason predominantly I want to remind myself what I have been doing – and as a reference for the future (and also for sharing, if people asked). Bear in mind, I have bad memories too since little 17chipmunks arrival, mostly because lack of sleep. Secondly, I share out on the Healthy Food for My Baby facebook pages (especially on meals) because it is one of my daily social activities to get my mind sane – rather than just talking to a little toddler. I hope to make friends too, which I actually did. little 17chipmunks is my first child and obviously this means that I am a first time mother too. No one actually guide me for whatever I am doing now in her meal preparation and so forth. I used my maternal instinct, judgment and research. I just hope I am doing the right thing.


Therefore, in no way and no where, I would admit that I am an expert in providing advice – though I do receive private messages and also comments on my photo sharing. If it is related to what I do, I could share – mostly by copying and paste. But, in cases like “what do I do because my little one doesn’t eat this and that?”, seriously I couldn’t help. I usually ignore those messages or if I HAD the time, I would just click the link on my blog – and ask the mummies to see if any of those recipe help. I would frankly tell them that I am not an expert and not in position to give advice. Most mummies accept that and would thank me for sharing. Seriously, I get nothing from this.


I have been also bombarded with questions like “your little one is drinking ice water?”, “your little one is having watermelon so often?”, “can take cold things ah?” – seriously, my answer has been everything take in moderation and so far, my girl has not cough/catch cold since I turned a stay at home mum – as I provide her healthy meals and booster from mummy’s milk. Interestingly, “taking cold things” is a perception from the oldies, which I couldn’t accept till today – in fact, no proven research. But, if you believe, go ahead and please don’t serve cold things to your little one – please use your maternal instinct and judgment (no one understands your child more than you). Saying that, one of the mummies got offended by the statement – I would like to add that I added salt to her “wound” by saying “I get irritated when I get those questions”, but I am just saying the fact (though I know I shouldn’t have said it). She replied in return that I do not have to answer if I don’t want to, but the problem is she asked “twice”. If I ignore her for the second time, is there a guarantee that she won’t be asking me again? As mentioned, I am not an expert and I am just sharing. But I will take note – as my dear friend who observed the scenario – mentioned to me – just IGNORE and don’t build a bad reputation for myself. So, I guess ignoring and regarded as snobbish is better than offending people for nothing.

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