Tips in baking a simple butter cake….coming from the beginner


I am not a pro here…..yet. But, I am still trying. My mission is to bake and decorate a cake for my little girl’s second birthday (hopefully). Therefore, I start with a simple and basic butter cake. This is my second try after getting some feedback from mummies, especially mummy Winnie Wong and watching youtubes as per advised.


Well, I tried finding back the post I made in Healthy Food for My Baby facebook page but failed. So, I will jot down whatever I remember here:

  1. On my first try, I halved all the ingredients and reduced sugar so that I would not cause wastage and also too sweet. WRONG! Always try with the original recipe amount.
  2. I was rushing time and then simply mix all the ingredients without following the right steps. WRONG! Following the steps are required to bake successfully. >> So, watch youtube to know the steps correctly.
  3. I always thought egg is “egg” and what’s the problem of mixing both together at once – since it will be mixed up anyway! WRONG! When it comes to baking cake, it is important to separate egg yolk and egg white. And it really requires skill to separate them! (I broke all the egg yolks during my second trial, but I separated them into individual bowls so that I can add in one egg yolk by one.)
  4. After mixing the butter and sugar in the blender (using cake function), I re-used without washing the blender cups to mix the egg whites. WRONG! It is important to ensure that the egg whites are mixed in a clean container.
  5. I mix in all the flour at one go and then flour into the egg yolk, sugar and butter mixture. WRONG. Add in the sift flour in stages. The key is don’t overmix the flour.
  6. Get the better butter to make your cake, as it will give you a better result. I have not tried this yet, as currently I am still using the normal unsalted butter to test out – as you know, butter price is expensive.
  7. Knock the pan with the batter before baking.

More tips >> Here


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