Keeping mummies safe in the nursing room in Jaya Shopping Centre

Today we were at Jaya Shopping Centre’s Kidz Art N’ Fun Zone to celebrate our girl’s 18th month – RM20 per kid on weekend, unlimited playtime (RM15 per kid on weekdays). As it was still new, there was basically no one, or we were early.

10425189_10203128464685323_3971494901281696874_nIn the midst of playing, little 17chipmunks wanted to nurse and so we went to the baby room, just next to this playland. While I am personally impressed with the room, an untoward incident happened and I decided to write to its management.

This is a message I wrote at Jaya Shopping Centre facebook page:

To the management of Jaya Shopping Centre,

Good job on providing a very nice baby cum nursing room at level 2. I am really impressed as it really mimic the feel I had in my recent trip to a breastfeeding friendly country – Taipei, Taiwan.

However, I would like to express my disappointment on an untoward incident when we were in the nursing room. For no apparent reason, your security guard (yes, a man) opened the curtain when I was in the midst of nursing my little girl. While his action may be wanting to ensure that the nursing room is not being abused, I think it would be more appropriate if the checks are done by lady cleaners, instead of a man guard. In addition, there isn’t a hook in the nursing room to ensure that the curtains are closed when mummies occupied the rooms. We hope that you will look into this matter. Thank you.

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