Grammar and vocabulary mistakes in blog contents

misatkePicture source:

Though I was once a writer, I was/am bad in English – I can’t forget moments when my editor and copy editor highlighted all the errors I made especially in my first few scripts. Remember I am not a mass communication student! Overtime, I began to improve but still there were mistakes (in my subsequent job). In other words, I am not a “saint” in English grammar and vocabulary – I do make mistakes here and there especially if I am in rush. I don’t have time to re-read what I wrote with an active toddler. Moreover, I don’t have a copy writer/editor for my blog– unless I have time to re-read it. So, I will go with the saying from my latest ex-boss when I handed her my resignation letter – “you can’t expect everything to be perfect every time”. Apologies if you find any error with my language.

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