Our 17mo sweetie pie this week:


1. She has become more clingy. =.=”

2. She has become very talkative especially when she is in good mood (giving us ceramah session).
3. She makes use of her nose and tongue senses – smelling & tasting food like an expert.
4. She likes to store food inside her mouth and mummy only knows that there’s food in her mouth when she wants nen nen (she opens her mouth to show me).

5. Just as I thought I could increase her potty training sessions, she starts to show rejection sitting on the potty (guess I need new toy in the toilet).
6. She knows how to remove her socks but not her shoes. She will sit down on the floor once returning home and tries removing the shoes herself.
7. She can say “ball”; she was screaming for other people’s “ball” in the playground.
8. She no longer just cry outside the kitchen for me; she will “yell” at me to come out which sounds like “cursing” me. =.=

9. I added one of Twins’ CNY song in her play list which has an aunty calling “ah lui ah lui”, she thought the aunty is calling her – so will run to me/hide at the back of me! LOL!
10. She will get frustrated when her fringe irritates her eyes (time to trim hair…but mummy has phobia because after bringing her for a hair cut, she fell down hours later & needed stitches :P).

Looking back the photos taken in the past 4 months, I can’t believe you have grown so much though you are with me 24hours! Love ya!

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