Pandan extract


I have never knew that making pandan extract is easy until I saw a post by Zac Ng on Healthy Food for my Baby facebook page. I think I will blog about this as a standalone post for easy reference.

How do I make it?

1. Get fresh pandan leaves (about 10-15 leaves)

2. Cut them into pieces.

3. Put them into a blender.

4. Add water (about half of the pandan leaves amount).

5. Blend it.

6. Using cheese cloth, extract the juice.



One can also repeat by adding more water and extract the pandan juice again, but I feel one round is sufficient for me, as I get a large amount anyway that I will use in 3 days (I am not sure how long it can be kept. So, I am trying to use it as soon as possible). I don’t want to stock up pandan extract in my fridge to find it not usable.

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