Happy 16th month old little darling!

10264532_10202714694501327_6029151655429085448_nHope you enjoyed your LAST milk bath!

Bittersweet feeling again:

Bitter- this is the LAST stock of expired fbm; 80oz of bm, equivalent to 20 rounds of pumping (I pumped out on an average 4 oz both sides each session for 13 months). Since I don’t pump anymore, there is no longer any drop of bm in fridge. But we will continue with our bf journey as long as she wants via dl!

Sweet – This also means that I have a mouth “stuck” with my boobs for 16 months already! LOL!

In fact, I now fell in love with fully dl – no need to worry about storage, supply & washing the pump parts! I am “lucky” to have such “privilege”.

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