Aeon Big Thank You Day on every 28th of the month


This week is exceptional; we went grocery shopping on a Monday which is a 28th of the month instead of Tuesday. Well, I get to know about Aeon Big Thank You Day on every 28th of the month during our routine shopping two months back but only made it this month since last month’s 28th fell on a weekend.


The discount is not much, i.e. 5% but this is of course some savings for those who routinely shops for the household. In fact, I was aiming for a stockpot for a while, coffee powder, tooth paste, etc. (either bigger ticket item or some household goods that need to be refilled on a monthly basis). There are certain items which do not include into this offer such as infant milk powder and mobile top up cards.


Actually the savings is almost the same as the Big Tuesdays savings from Aeon Big Subang Jaya except that you don’t have to make spending on the odds of reaching RM50. In addition, as far as I am concern, Big Tuesdays only happens in the Subang Jaya branch. Today I made a savings of RM8.11. If the same amount is spent on Tuesday, I probably get RM5 worth of cash vouchers. Little by little, it builds a mountain!


As mentioned, I was eyeing for a stockpot. Coincidently, they had a member price stockpot of RM39.90 (member price); its normal price is RM49.90. There’s an additional 5% off, where it cost RM38.90. An error has occurred where I was charged RM54.90 instead. I went to the customer service counter, which made up of 2 officers. I waited about 5 minutes before being attended and then the staff patiently looked into my matter. I had to wait another 10 minutes before she came back to ask if it was alright for me to follow her to the particular section to verify the pricing. I actually brought her there and the pricing was wrong. At last, I was refunded the excess of RM14.25 [(RM54.90-RM39.90)*0.95]. I just need to fill up a form and a cash refund was given without hassle. During the waiting time, I noticed that quite a number of customers came over to complain about the price differences, but the two officers have been very patient in handling it (though I was a little impatient then because little 17chipmunks was starting to make a fuss after she poop-ed while waiting). Some customers actually saw the wrong pricing and suggested a lower pricing – which they could not argue and ended up they did not want the items. But, I would suggest that Aeon Big improve the way they could check the price differences – as the current one is kind of time consuming for them (and also customers) – I am not sure how, but I shall leave this to the experts to figure out.


On another note, I managed to find purple carrot in Aeon Big Subang Jaya after several visits there!



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