17chipmunks is a member of iCycle


Yes, there’s a lot of “junk” in our house! Initially, I collected those items for charity. But then I thought – I am no longer working and thus, can I find a better way to earn some money from the junk? This is especially so when I have big items such as refrigerator (after we upgraded to store breastmilk) and the old oven that we have used for more than three years.

After googling and even asking around on facebook – I found the answer: Icycle. It works on a point system – where take recyclable items – anything (except mattress) and allows us to collect points, which in return can be turned into shopping vouchers.

I have contacted iCycle through their facebook and gmail. It took some time before they contacted me back. And, it also took some time for them to finally came and collect the items. Vincent came over to collect the items on a pre-agreed time (he was slightly late, but did inform me though). I got to find out that he is doing this on a part time basis and venturing into. He is friendly though. After the items were collected, he whatapps me the points that I have collected, which is 161.81. Well, I still have the refrigerator that can be re-cycled, but he needs to arrange for a lorry (not sure when it will come and will he remember about this).


While it says that points are exchangeable for good, I am not too sure how many points needed for exchange. It is not totally transparent, though I did saw some pictures posting that some members got their vouchers exchanged. In the past posts, I saw that they even posted member listings andpoints collected. However, I am not too sure how often this would be updated. Further than that, in my research, one company that did this before actually went bust. So, I may risk collecting points for nothing.

Having said that, I have cleared most of the junks that have been occupying the store room and with free man power – as iCycle came up to collect from my home personally. Besides that, I have done something environmental friendly – provided iCycle really recycle the items. So, just leave the points aside – if the points allow me to exchange for cash vouchers in the future, it could be just a bonus. To be assured that this can be done, I guess with need to have large number of members – therefore, let’s encourage one another to be iCycle member – and continue to keep the environment clean by recycling. I will be still collecting junks and ring them up when it is occupying too much space!

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