Free one night stay at Holiday Villa Subang

Despite the bad review I made for Holiday Villa Cherating, I made a submission to their facebook constest “Share your photo at any Holiday Villa Hotels & Resorts , get more likes & WIN!”


We didn’t win the most likes, but we were awarded (out of four others) who qualified with submission of photos taken in the hotel during our stay. We receive 1 night stay at Holiday Villa Hotel of our choice (Langkawi/Cherating/Subang/Alor Star/Bali) with conditions applied.

To get our free stay, I went through few emails with their marketing office, Syahida. I must say that he is very good in his service PLUS they were really sincere in giving us the free stay as he reverted to me again when I was still considering when and where we can utilise the stay. After some thinking, we decided to use the free stay at Holiday Villa Subang, which is just few kms from our home – on hubby’s birthday! Syahida even went through booking the room for us and gave me a reservation ID: 946229. The only thing that wasn’t clear was its “conditions applied”. No complain about it – because there is basically no condition, as long as the room is available during our requested date. I also further enquired if free breakfast will be given. He confirmed that there will be free breakfast for two. And, he said that he would send me the voucher via registered mail – but I did not receive it. Nevertheless, I just showed the reception officer the email Syahida sent me when checking it and there wasn’t an issue.


Located just less than 1 km from SJMC, the exterior of Holiday Villa Subang may look old – but its lobby and the walkway to the hotel lift look grand. Then, it may look old the walkway from the lift to rooms, the room we stayed (1602) is “brand” new. They just renovated it, I guess. I am not totally sure if we were given a superior or deluxe room. But, I feel it is really a great free room stay! It was so spacious that little 17chipmunks enjoyed running around (and she even climbed the tables!) Room facilities wise – the basics are there; just that I observed that their hair dryer is an old one.


The other facilities that we used were the Children Playroom and the swimming pool. Though they are kind of old, they are still “useable”. Holiday Villa Subang also caters for members – therefore, there are two kids pool, one family pool, one Jacuzzi (which wasn’t switch on) and an Olympic pool. The water is rather dirty (but it is water rationing season). They have a gym too (which we passed by to have a look – the equipments are kind of old, but since there are people using it – I bet they service the equipments well.) While they have “good” facilities, I have to say that it is kind of “creepy” to be around there alone especially at night. Not forget to mention, they have antique statues there plus their duty free shop seems like back to 1980s/90s. On the breakfast, it just normal buffet breakfast. If it wasn’t free, I don’t think we will be paying for it.


Not to be ungrateful for the free stay, will we be back if we had to pay for a stay? I guess “no” would be an honest answer especially as seen in the website the room rates are not cheap.



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